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The Program for (aspiring) Female Entrepreneurs


Do you have an idea and want to turn it into reality, investing all of your energy into the development and implementation of your vision?

At Grace, you'll receive an impactful entrepreneurship program along with a scholarship for 6 months to fully concentrate on your venture.

We have already supported over 100 women with a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Now, a community of like-minded peers and experts awaits you. Your ideas and personal development are the focal points of our program.

The program is open to all industries and various startup initiatives (including non-profit ventures). Thanks to our strong Grace community, we can connect you with suitable professionals and help your ideas take flight.

Within the Grace Berlin Accelerator program, our alumnae turned their ideas into successful companies. Check out their profiles and get inspired.


What can you expect from the Grace Berlin Accelerator?

Startup Know-How

Experienced experts will accompany you on your entrepreneurial journey. You will learn everything about the relevant topics of starting a business, from user testing, marketing, and sales to legal and financing, and much more. Experts from our network will address your individual challenges, enabling you to put what you've learned into practice.


Your development as a founder and your business take center stage. Our experienced coaches will support you in unlocking your potential. Together, we will work on defining your goals and creating an individual roadmap for your idea.


Peer Group

You will begin the program alongside 15 fellow founders, embarking on this journey full steam ahead. This peer group provides a space for exchange and co-creation, fostering mutual learning and growth.

Peer-group learning is a vital factor in the program and extends beyond its duration.


A network of over 150 mentors share their knowledge and experience with you. They bring in new perspectives, ask the right questions, and offer you assistance through their networks. Your individual challenges and entrepreneurial inquiries will be matched with suitable mentors who can provide guidance and support.


At Grace, participants take the spotlight. We create visibility for the next generation of founders. This includes our Demo Day, where you will present your idea before a selected audience of investors and key players from the startup scene, providing an opportunity to showcase your vision and gain exposure.


Our team has already supported over 100 founders. We are familiar with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and will be by your side throughout the journey. Together with you and your peers, we create a safe and brave space where diversity is embraced, and innovations can flourish.

Who can apply?

✓ You are an aspiring founder or team ready to participate full-time in the program.

✓ You can apply both individually and as a team. Mixed-gender teams are also welcome to apply.

✓ You live in Berlin or are willing to relocate to Berlin to establish your company here.

✓ If your business is already registered, it has not yet commenced any economic activity.

✓ You have not received any public funding (GründungsBONUS" or EXIST) before.



The Schedule

Application Phase

March 1 - April 28

Virtual Interviews

May 21 - June 6

Program start

September 2

Program closing & Wrap Up

February 29 2025



How is it funded?

With the Grace Berlin Accelerator, the participating founders receive funding in the form of a monthly stipend. The stipend amounts to €2,200 gross and is paid at the end of each month. The program is full-time and includes workshops, coaching, mentoring, and much more (see above). You will allocate the remaining time to implement your startup project.

Does Grace take an equity interest in my startup once I've incorporated?

The program is funded through the European Social Fund Plus from resources of the European Union and the state of Berlin. You won't have to give away company shares or anything similar. At the end of Grace, there will be a Demo Day with a pitch in front of a jury and invited guests, including investors and business angels. The main focus of Grace is on developing your idea until it reaches market maturity.

In which phase does my idea have to be?

You should already have a concrete idea or a specific approach that you want to develop further in the program. The funding from the Berlin Startup Stipendium is designed for early-stage support, primarily aimed at acquiring fundamental skills for starting a business, with the goal of bringing innovative business ideas or products to market maturity.

Can mixed teams also apply?

Yes, mixed teams can also apply. However, a quota of 51% female founding members must be met if all founding members want to be part of the program. From teams with a 50% quota the female founding members can be part of the program.

In what language is the program held?

We tailor our program to the needs of our participants and can accommodate both German and English languages.

Is the Grace Berlin Accelerator a full-time program?

Yes, you must be able to work on your idea with a weekly workload of 40 hours throughout the entire duration of the program. The various workshops, events, coachings, and mentorings are mandatory. We highly value the flexibility of our founders, which is why we offer a hybrid setup for some program elements to create suitable conditions for participation.

I am still studying, can I participate in the programme?

If you are in your last semester and you are about to graduate, you can participate in the program if you have already finished all courses besides your thesis.


Where does the program take place?

The Grace Berlin Accelerator is designed as an onsite program. You will have access to an office workspace in Berlin. To give you flexibility we combine in-person and remote work for some program elements.


I don't live in Berlin, can I still take part in the program?

As the program is a local funding initiative, one of the requirements is that your official place of residence is in Berlin. If you do not currently reside in Berlin but are flexible enough to relocate to Berlin before the program starts, you can still apply and participate in the program.

Can participants from non-EU countries also receive a scholarship?

Yes, they must be registered with their primary residence in Berlin. Additionally, their residence permit must be valid for the entire duration of the scholarship and must not have any restrictions on employment or starting a business. We provide assistance in this matter, and work closely with Berlin Partner.

In case of incorporation does the company need to be registered in Berlin?

During the program period, the company must be registered in Berlin

I have already registered my company, can I still participate in the program?

Yes, generally, that is possible. The crucial factor is that you are not economically active in the market yet. The company can not generate any revenues until the start of the programme or have paid partnerships or pilot projects.

I already was part of another start-up programme or have already received funding, can I still participate in the program?

Please give us detailed information about previous programs or fundings in your application. We will individually check your case after receiving all information with your application.

If you already received Berlin Start-up Stipendium, EXIST (not EXIST woman) or GründungsBONUS you can not take part in the programme.

Can I receive funding for the startup during the program?

Financing is generally allowed. In line with the funding program's objectives, it is desirable to secure follow-up financing through means such as investments or crowdfunding. During the program, we will explore potential financing sources and strategies that align with your startup.

Do all founding members have to participate in the program?

No, if your co-founder(s) do not meet all the requirements or have other reasons to not join the program you can still be part of the program. We recommend having the whole team involved. Please be aware you must have a minimum of 51% ownership of the company in case of incorporation during the program.

What information is requested when applying for the Grace Berlin Accelerator?

You submit your application using an application form via SurveyMonkey. If you would like to prepare your application, you will find the most important questions in the PDF below to download. To get to know yourself better and learn more about your idea, you can also upload a pitch deck or send us a video by email (to:

When can I expect final feedback after submitting my application and how does the application process work?

After the application phase ends, we will invite selected founders to a virtual interview. As a next step we will invite about 20 founders to our selection day July 3. The final decision will be made after selection day and we will inform the participants by the midst of July .

The project is funded by the European Social Fund Plus with funds from the European Union and the State of Berlin:

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