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"Entrepreneurship is about solving real, pressing problems. For me, that meant addressing the toxicity and environmental impact of synthetic hair.

Cosima Richardson, founder and CEO of Kynd Hair

Cosima, the founder, and CEO of Kynd Hair, is leading a transformative movement in the hair extension industry, she is developing  Europe's first plastic free braiding hair, non toxic, itch free and mode from plants.

Cosima is dedicated to reshaping the industry landscape. Her journey as a female founder is both inspiring and enlightening, marked by perseverance, and a commitment to making a positive impact.

She guides us through her personal and professional journey of being a female founder.


What inspired you to start Kynd Hair? Can you describe the moment or event that made you decide to fully commit to developing Kynd Hair?

I've been using synthetic hair since my early childhood. I've always loved wearing braids until I started wondering what the hair extensions people use for this style were actually made of.

I was shocked to find out regular synthetic hair is made from toxic chemicals. Heating the fibers can release harmful, carcinogenic fumes. 1 in 3 users suffer from itching and scalp reactions. Plus, the hair can't usually be recycled which means it ends up in our environment. At the time there were no available solutions in Europe, so I decided to develop one myself.

What should readers know about you? Apart from being the founder of Kynd Hair?

I grew up in Berlin. My father is Nigerian, my mother is German and during my entire childhood and youth, having afro hair and looking different than most other people was an issue for me. Before starting Kynd Hair I did a masters degree in Marketing and after finishing my studies, I knew I wanted to do something sustainability-related. So I started in product management at Veganz and later on became a brand manager at Oatly – a job that I really enjoyed, however I always wanted to do something of my own. Kynd Hair combines many parts of my identity.

How has Kynd Hair been received by the market and by the community it aims to serve?

We will soft launch very soon. So far, we've had a few testers who all loved the hair. Among our early users, a German TV presenter even wore our hair extensions on the red carpet already.

How do you hope Kynd Hair will influence the beauty industry and the standards of sustainability within it?

Firstly, I'm hoping that we can contribute to more transparency and education. Studies show that cosmetics and beauty products for people of color contain more toxic chemicals. Scientists believe this could be one of the reasons why Black women suffer disproportionately often from hormone-related diseases.

Secondly, we want to make non-toxic, skin-friendly alternatives the norm.

What measures do you take to ensure that Kynd Hair remains sustainable and health-focused as it grows?

Our whole product development was organized around this purpose and I consider it a part of Kynd Hair's DNA. To make sure it stays this way while we grow, we will work with industry experts and continue to set ourselves ambitious goals.

What advice would you give to aspiring female founders, who are just starting out there?

We have so many true and pressing problems to solve on this planet. Please do something the world really needs. For reference, take a look at 17 UN goals for sustainable development
Another advice would be to build together with your customers and get feedback as early as possible.


Thank you Cosima for the Interview and insights!  


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