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Barbara Stolorz

Co-founder of Levelly


Short interview

What is the mission of your start-up and how are you committed to it?
The mission of my startup is to help IT companies build high-performing teams and foster pay equity through data-driven insights. We're committed to this mission by providing: Real-time, accurate salary benchmarks: Enabling companies to make competitive compensation offers and ensure fair pay practices. Unbiased data analysis: Eliminating the influence of gender, race, and other discriminatory factors from salary data. Actionable insights: Helping companies identify and address pay gaps, promote diversity, and retain top talent. Efficient hiring processes: Streamlining talent acquisition by providing clear benchmarks for compensation negotiations. By offering a transparent and reliable platform for salary benchmarking, we aim to create a more equitable and efficient IT industry, where companies can attract and retain top talent based on merit and skills.

What has been your most important learning so far when starting your business?

One of the most important lessons I've learned while starting my business is the power of networking and collaboration. While having a solid business plan and technical expertise is crucial, building relationships with other entrepreneurs, mentors, and potential partners has been invaluable. These connections have provided me with support, guidance, and opportunities that I wouldn't have found on my own.


What role did Grace play in your founding journey ?
Program provided me with invaluable resources, including insightful coaching sessions and mentorship, which significantly helped refine my business model. The support and camaraderie gave me the confidence and tools needed to launch my startup and pursue my vision.

About Barbara

Experienced project management leader with a passion for turning strategies into reality. Successfully led diverse teams to achieve project goals. Founder of HR tech startup focused on salary benchmarking for IT professionals to advocate for reducing the gender pay gap and empower informed career and compensation decisions. 15+ years in tech, expertise in portfolio management, financials, and data science.

About Levelly

Real-time, unbiased salary data for the IT industry. Build winning teams efficiently and ensure equitable compensation with data-driven insights on market trends and talent benchmarks.


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