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Augustine Kangni

Co-founder of SKLL INK


Short interview

What is the mission of your start-up and how are you committed to it?
Our mission is to create a sustainable world where cultural diversity is recognized as a strength, and people from different backgrounds can overcome their differences to collaborate seamlessly. Through our platform, we aim to contribute to the creation of an inclusive work environment that is not only present on paper but experienced in daily interactions. In doing so, we empower individuals of all backgrounds to unleash their full potential.

What has been your most important learning so far when starting your business?

One of the most important learnings I've had since starting my business is the significance of adaptability. No matter how well you plan or how confident you are in your initial strategy, the entrepreneurial journey is inherently unpredictable. Markets shift, technologies evolve, and especially - unforeseen challenges arise. I guess, being able to pivot quickly, reassess priorities, and adjust strategies accordingly is crucial for long-term success. Embracing change rather than resisting it has allowed me to stay agile, innovate, and ultimately, navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with resilience and determination.
What role did Grace play in your founding journey ?
Grace played a pivotal role in my founding journey, providing invaluable support through its network, community, and coaching. The network and community support I received were instrumental in connecting me with mentors, advisors, and fellow entrepreneurs who offered guidance, insights, and encouragement every step of the way. The exchange with peers within the accelerator program was particularly beneficial, as it provided opportunities to challenge ideas, share experiences, and collaborate on solutions. This exchange really helped navigate the challenges of the different startup stages, gain new perspectives, and refine on strategies. The coaches also played a crucial role, providing expert guidance, personalized feedback, and mentorship tailored to specific needs and goals. I am beyond grateful for the experience that helped me build a strong foundation for my business.

About Augustine

Hi! I'm Augustine. Born in West Africa and raised in Bavaria, I have a background in business economics and IT management. After working for various corporates and an African-German tech startup, I embarked on my own entrepreneurial journey. My mission is to tackle communication challenges in the global workspace, and to achieve this, we're crafting an AI-backed toolkit that disrupts conventional intercultural training methods.

Beyond work, I'm dedicated to making an impact for myself and the BiPoC community by establishing Germany's inaugural community for afro-textured hair. During my leisure moments, you can find me exploring new destinations, basking in the sun's warmth, or simply enjoying quality time with friends.


SKLL INK offers an AI-supported SaaS product that identifies personal and culturally sensitive communication styles through a communication assessment and links them to individual goals and interactions in the work environment to provide tailored training. Curated micro-trainings refine communication skills in various cultural contexts to break down intercultural barriers and enhance soft skills. The platform serves as a digital learning assistant that adjusts content based on the user's individual learning behavior.


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